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Do We Need More Crypto Exchanges To Distribute Power?
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Do We Need More Crypto Exchanges To Distribute Power?

Are political coin listings or de-listings becoming a serious problem?

Crypto Exchanges.

Not only is fake volume on crypto exchanges a problem, but bias political listings & de-listings is a serious problem and it’s a bigger problem then fake volume imo. Especially in light of the recent events in the cryptosphere.

That a few men control such a market influential event is a problem and its making wall-street sharks look like amateurs, with unregulated listings affecting markets based of personal relationships of the CEO’s.

Why The Industry Needs More Crypto Exchanges

50 exchanges might be better then 4 big exchanges with too much influence and politicly bias/relationships.

More Crypto Exchanges.

Does the political corruption in the cryptocurency exchange industry worry you? let us know what you think @Coindaily_co


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