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Breaking: Prominent Bitcoin Cash Dev Threatens To Abandon BC...

Breaking: Prominent Bitcoin Cash Dev Threatens To Abandon BCH If CTOR Is Implemented

As seen on r/btc prominent Bitcoin Cash took to reddit to voice his disappointment over the direction the project seems to take and has threatened to abandon the project if a BCH planned upgrade developed by BCH dev team ABC is implemented. In addition he has claimed his decision will affect other BCH projects which include coinmix, tippr not, e.t.c.

The upgrade called Canonical Transaction Ordering Rule (CTOR) is a protocol upgrade expected to go live in November but the supposed upgrade has been nothing sort of messy and divisive in the BCH camp with different factions having opposing views as to which upgrade is better for scaling. But, it seems the Bitcoin ABC team may have the upper hand which is further confirmed by this developer’s post.

In his post he expressed his sadness concerning BCH:

“It’s sad to see Bitcoin Cash fail to transition from a private to a public coin, but so be it.”

There is currently a very divisive atmosphere in the BCH camp with each side of the divide accusing the other of trying to impose unwanted changes on the Bitcoin Cash protocol. The BCH November fork will be interesting.


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