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Bitcoin Cash miners are able to steal 4000 BCH coins that ar...
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Bitcoin Cash miners are able to steal 4000 BCH coins that are not owned by them

Bitcoin Cash miners were able to steal 4000 BCH coins that were clearly burned by bitcoin community members by choosing to send them to segwit addresses. Some did not want to compromise their privacy for a few bucks.

This sets a dangerous precedent to support, this is not what immutable digital currencies are about. and the fact exchanges are backing it should be alarming.

If anything its show the true centralized group that is in control, more about that in this article.

Where does it stop? when will they “confiscate” more coins they see fit?

“unmoved coins” or satoshi nakamoto coins?

Until now BCH miners (bitmain and bitcoin-com/roger ver) have inflated BCH with 100.000+ extra mined coins by gaming the ADE mining difficulty adjustment algo.

It seems like they are central bankers of BitcoinCash able to Quantitative ease (QE) whenever they see fit, and able to confiscate coins that are not owned by them. meanwhile with full support of the exchanges that the CEO’s are personal friends with the creators of bitcoin cash, which is bitmain (jihan wu) and roger ver (owner bitcoin-com) and they are seed investor in / / shapeshift / bitpay and Which are all companies that heavily (some consider bias) support BCH, due to the business influence of investments.

Bitcoin Cash miners Steal.

Bitcoin Cash miners have control of bitcoin cash source code (meaning code and rules of the protocol)

They could change ANYTHING they want + the miners, and influence to tell exchanges what to do (which chain to follow incase there is concensus split like there was last week or months ago with BCH / BSV.

But has it gone to far now? Is the bias relationship of creators of BCH and ceo’s of exchanges now selling a product that represents fully centralized paypal coin? Controlled by handful of people?

The LACK of critique by the CEO’s of companies backing BCH like kraken / coinbase / shapeshift & bitpay is ALARMING, and is why the majority of community feels the urge to warn users on social media.

Bitcoin Cash.

What happened this week with BCH miners stealing 4000 BCH coins that are not owned by them. Which BCH coins are next? Coins that havent moved in years?

BCH miners Steal.

Clearly there are many red flags and its very suspect the top ceo’s of companies backing BCH like exchanges dont publicly give critique if they were serious about it, but thats why its even more alarming.

Be careful out there.



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