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Jihan Wu Threatens Barry Silbert Over Coindesk’s Bitma...

Jihan Wu Threatens Barry Silbert Over Coindesk’s Bitmain Article

Yesterday we reported an update on the rapidly decline of mining giant bitmain. Now, it seems Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu is threatening Barry Silbert who’s company Digital Currency Group (DCG) owns Coindesk. According to Twitter user (our source) who goes by the handle @btcking555 reported Jihan Wu wasn’t please at all with CoinDesk’s article which reported on IPO problems. Although article has been removed, Jihan has threatened to pull liquidity from Barry Silbert’s Crypto lending platform if the incident repeats itself.

Although the impact minimal, this seems like an effort to conceal the very unimpressive performance of the company from investors and general public in recent months with Q3 figures reportedly even worse than Q2 report.


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