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The Book Titled “Blockchain – A Guide For Offici...
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The Book Titled “Blockchain – A Guide For Officials” Is Now Ready To Take Us On Blockchain 101 – China’s Communist Party

It is absolutely true that the blockchain tech is still at its early phase, hence, there is need for proper introduction into the industry. As regards this, China communist party has made efforts towards making blockchain literacy the norm across public offices with the publication of an explainer for officials and members.

The news reaching us states that the book was published today by the publishing house of the people’s daily  and is ready for consumption for officials and members of the party. The contents in the book started with the origin and features of blockchain, ending it with some mind-blowing facts about blockchain, as well as the steps to be taken before participating in the crypto industry, not forgetting the positive impact and the negativity attached to it.

While this whole story is getting interesting, the party’s news outlet reported that the major aim is to help government officials understand better the concept of blockchain technology, so they would be able to apply wisdom in the regulatory aspect of the economy.

I would recommend us all, the crypto enthusiasts, to find every way possible to lay hands on this book, as this might also help us in ways we may not understand now.

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