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Ethereum Crash Drastically While Bitcoin Proves To Be A Litt...

Ethereum Crash Drastically While Bitcoin Proves To Be A Little Bit Stable

In the early days of last week, the crypto market showed some signs of recovery, little did we know that it was not going to last for long. This week, we are experiencing a massive fall in price with the 2nd most valued coin taking the lead, in this course.

Today, ethereum’s price crashed down to a price it has never witnessed, for the past 9 months and I must confess, this is not good for the health of investors right now, as they all expected it to go beyond the starting price for the year.

Trading currently at $263 is a way too low compared to the lowest price of $300, it has seen in the past 9 months, i.e in the early days of November last year. It is also sad to see other Altcoins following the footstep of their elder brother, ethereum. I’m sure that most of them won’t survive the storm at this critical moment.

On the hand, Bitcoin has is still struggling hard to maintain the $6k mark. Earlier this morning, the mother of all coin was trading at $6,223 but currently, trading at $6,021.

Reports had it that, the asset made a fresh attempt at breaking through the $6,500 resistance, but slid downwards, losing around $200 within 6 hours.

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