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Numex Exchange Successfully Launches Beta
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Numex Exchange Successfully Launches Beta

Next generation Cryptocurrency exchange Numex has finally launched it’s beta version of the exchange and has open it’s doors to the general public for trading.

The exchange took to their official twitter account to make the announcement:

Numex team have been working hard being the scenes ever since the close of their successful seed funding round in Nov, 2018. The Beta launch provides the opportunity for traders to have a feel of the exchange while providing useful feedback to Numex developers for necessary upgrades.

Numex Exchange aims to provide an ideal trading experience for the average trader by eliminating bottle necks and the complexities that make trading discomforting.

Speaking with Numex CEO Mr. Khalifa Saber via email he says: “Trading is not a walk in the park and what we want to do at Numex is to make you feel comfortable while trading. It’s about simplicity. " when asked if he isn’t worried about hackers considering the recent hacking spree that has plagued exchanges in recent months he said he wasn’t too bothered about that

“Yes, it’s definitely a concern but we at Numex take security very seriously. Numex is a very user friendly exchange but also almost impenetrable. Traders are in good hands"

He further stated that Numex exchange will be a haven for privacy oriented traders:

“Numex provides a platform where people could trade without the discomfort that comes with KYC".

The exchange beta is currently live with over 15 cryptocurrencies available for trading. Sign up now at


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