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Bitmex adding KYC mandatory.

Bitmex adding KYC mandatory.

In recent discovery Bitmex was looking to recruit experts in the compliance & Know Your Costumer departments.

Recent signs show that bitmex the biggest 100x derivatives futures bitcoin market is activating mandetory KYC/AML verification for all its traders.

Bitmex was known to be able to trade with crypto to crypto in and out without any verification needed.

Will this lower the volume and liquidity on bitmex when activated?

And which exchanges that offer 100x leverage without KYC verification are available?

The exchanges Deribit & BTSE still offer 100x bitcoin futures trading, without registration/verification of KYC for crypto in-out.

But majority of big exchanges have been forced to implement KYC on its users. for example exchanges bittrex and binance.

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