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Bitcore Core Price Moons In Anticipation Of Upgrade
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Bitcore Core Price Moons In Anticipation Of Upgrade

Bitcore Core enjoyed massive gains in the last 48hours, $BTCC price jumped from $0.5 to $2.00. This pump could be attributed to the scheduled hard fork.

There is a lot of optimism surrounding the the project which has begun to reflect on the price, popular Crypto Twitter personality to that platform to list the benefits of Bitcoin Core, he tweeted:

Further more it seems the bigger boys are joining the Bitcoin Core party. Viacoin lead developer Romano has joined hands with the Bitcoin Core dev team to help steer the project’s development.

What was initially seen and probably birthed as a response to the alleged fraudulent behavior by Bcash proponents has grown into a potent contender for BCH spot in cryptosphere.



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