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Bitcoin Core (BTCC) announces free coins for new chain migra...
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Bitcoin Core (BTCC) announces free coins for new chain migration

Bitcoin Core $BTCC announced a migration to a new chain and free coins (swap) in return for proof of sold/old coins/chain being abandoned by the team/brand $BTCC

Founders of Bitcoin Core $BTCC are migrating to a new chain.

Show us your closed sell orders of old-chain/coins,
And we will send you the new swapped $BTCC coins for free.
get your money back from old chain/market + we will send you equivalent in free $BTCC coins on the new chain its migrating too.#BitcoinCore migration and free airdrop— Bitcoin Core ($BTCC) (@BitcoinCore_) May 14, 2019

@Bitcoincore_ (twitter) (telegram group)
BTCC Bitcoin Core Logo
BTCC (Bitcoin Core) Logo

Coindaily asked for comment, Why the migration to new chain?

“To keep the brand and coin alive, many cons for maintaining a niche blockchain that nobody uses and has a high cost to run. “

“Or reliant on 1 sole developer to keep the network functioning, its a disaster waiting to happen, best to migrate to a reliable chain and make it user-friendly for people to transact. The creation of bitcoin core was always brand related, never ever intented to be for “technology” or “profits” by its original founders.”

“The current (old) chain is very unreliable, for hours there would be no blocks mined, no transactions could be made, wallets would not sync for hours. for a small minority group to run a “blockchain” is unnecessary cost.”

“Many developers will try to “desperately sell you their project/coin” with lots of technical babble, which is just copied code on github made by another team long ago, repackaged in a new brand, and “calling it the next best thing.”

“The bitcoin core $BTCC (altcoin) open initiative started bitcoin core for the brand and existence to our great creator Roger Ver, and will never let this brand/coin retire.”

Get your money (bitcoin) back movement, and get FREE new $BTCC coins migrated to new reliable chain.

“We want to all previous members to get their money back with the old coin/chain because this project is not for pump and dump schemes and quick profits for insiders.”

“SELL your old btcc/coins and get same amount for free by us, credited on new chain. this way its clear that BTCC team intention is for greater good, and not profits or Pump&Dump schemes.”

“BTCC is here as long thats its needed and mentioned by its creators and illustrated on bitcoin-com platforms/wallets.”

“So its simple, we want to give back instead of ask you to use your hard earned bitcoin.”

BTCC Bitcoin Core lives on.
BTCC lives on!

Sell all your old BTCC coins/chain (to get u money/bitcoin back) and show us screenshot of closed [sell] order of exchange/btcc and the BTCC team will credit you (on the new chain/coin) the same amount you sold for free

Example: sell 1000 BTCC (get your bitcoin/money back)

and we send you free 1000 BTCC (on new chain).”

BTCC Bitcoin Core Robert Bitcoin.
BTCC community

“This is a thank you to the true believers of BTCC and defending’s bitcoin brand.”

“The new $BTCC coin will be traded on Numex Exchange and listed on and enjoy your free coins and money back! – $BTCC team!”

Leave a comment what you think about the free coins swaps?

** Disclaimer: $BTCC (Bitcoin Core) is not bitcoin, its an altcoin, and not meant to have value, its for educational purposes only, and is not considered an investment **



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