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Binance To Provide Support For BCH’s Newly Forked Coin...
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Binance To Provide Support For BCH’s Newly Forked Coins (BCHABC & BCHSV)


The highly anticipated BCH’s fork event has come and gone, lot of difficulties and confusion were observed during the event, but it seems the dust has been settled. A couple of hours ago, Binance took to Twitter that they have completed the distribution of BCHABC and BCHSV to people who held BCH before the hardfork, on a 1:1 ratio.

The two hardforked coins will be matched with BTC/USDT trading pairs for now and trading will be open by 8am (UTC) 2018/11/16, according to the piece released on Binance’s support website, earlier today. The exchange finally talked about removing everything related to BitcoinCash from users account, which shows they are ready to rock and roll with the newly Hardforked coins of BitcoinCash.

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