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BCH Fork: ABC And SV Finally Go Separate Ways

BCH Fork: ABC And SV Finally Go Separate Ways

The BCH blockchain split merely minutes ago and the BCHABC supporters have already mined two additional blocks, while the blockchain supported by self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright is seemingly pending, with no additional blocks being mined so far.

Blocks on ABC’s blockchain are currently seeing thousands of transactions go through it. According to some monitoring tools these transactions have extremely low fees attached to them.

Block 556767 has been mined and BCH blockchain just split into two

The mining pool has recently mined block number 556767 on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. It’s the first post-fork and was mined by a mining pool supporting the Bitcoin ABC development team.

Those supporting Bitcoin Cash SV just regarded the block as invalid, which means the Bitcoin Cash blockchain just split into two.’s mining pool adds 4 exahash of mining power’s mining pool, an organization that supports the Bitcoin ABC development team, has reportedly added 4 exahash of mining power directed at the BCH blockchain, presumably in a response to prevent BCHSV’s 51% attack threat.


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