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Bakkt To Add More Cryptos If There Is Sufficient Demand

Bakkt To Add More Cryptos If There Is Sufficient Demand

The Intercontinental Exchange run platform has responded today to users’ requests for more pairs of cryptos, other than the already announced BTC to fiat futures product. The door seems to be opened.

Maybe trying to win back some of the love they lost after postponing the launch of their Bitcoin futures trading app, Bakkt announced today via Twitter the possibility for other pairs of crypto to be available once they are up and running.

The Twitter community diligently took upon the task of letting Bakkt know which cryptos they should include, with XRP taking the upper hand quite fast. Some did not seem to be happy with that dominance, such as user @CryptoCronkite

In the middle of a selling spree last Tuesday, Bakkt announced the delay of the launch of their platform from early December to late January, as we reported on. The community reactions ranged from requesting calm to claiming against market manipulation.


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