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Over 1,500 Restaurants In Denmark Now Accept Bitcoin

Over 1,500 Restaurants In Denmark Now Accept Bitcoin

Good news for those living in Denmark, Bitcoin can now be use to order food online with from over 1,500 restaurants, Bitcoinist reports. has actually been accepting Bitcoin as payment since as far back as 2014 but removed the feature. A representative explained:

“We have accepted Bitcoins as a payment method for quite some time. We decided to remove the feature temporarily last year though because the average transaction time took too long, and the experience wasn’t the best.

“The problems have since been solved, and we have added the option again… handle the payment, so you will always be able to use Bitcoins with all the restaurants currently found on”

Crypto adoption has steadily been growing over the years, and its popularity in Denmark stands as a testament to the potential adoption we could be seeing all over the world. For now, at least, it’s reserved for those finding themselves in Copenhagen


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