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Jeffrey Wernick Thinks It Is Still Early To Invest In Crypto

Jeffrey Wernick Thinks It Is Still Early To Invest In Crypto

Jeffrey Wernick is a renowned investor and an early stakeholder in Uber and Airbnb, the two most successful technology startups that has been in existence for close to a decade now. He still thinks investment in crypto is never a waste.

Jeff, in an interview emphasized on the fact that many investors do not understand the mechanism involved in crypto investment. He added that bitcoin is a store of value capable of holding money for the future, it is not only limited to carrying out transaction.

In his interview with with a business insider, he tries to stress on the fact that bitcoin will rise above it’s current price if it eventually survive the storm in the next five years. He recommended the long-term trading system for casual investors.

Below is the summary of his thought-provoking speech:

First, be prepared to lose everything you invest in, and wait for five years and don’t even think about trading it. If Bitcoin’s alive in five years, it’s going to be significantly higher than it is the day you bought it. Since Bitcoin has been created in 2009, it’s outperformed every currency, even with governments hostile to it, and a regulatory regime that’s an uncertain regime and the governments have been designing, have been managing it in a way so people cannot know what to expect. So it’s amazing the valuation it has today given the fact that it only faces headwinds, no tailwinds. Every government throughout the world is trying to figure out how to stop and kill Bitcoin.

Finally, he concluded by saying

So I think everybody should put something into crypto. And the people who move first will make more money than those that move second, who’ll make more money than those that move third, and eventually when crypto is broadly adopted, then people start using it as an exchange, and it will no longer be volatile in pricing, it will be stable in pricing. But I want to be very clear [that]a lot of the volatility in pricing has to do with uncertainty on government policy towards it.


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