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Founding Members Of EOS Says “They Are Not After Decen...
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Founding Members Of EOS Says “They Are Not After Decentralization” – With Dan Larimer, CTO, At The Forefront

Dan Larimer, in a video interview published on “colin talk crypto’s” YouTube channel, finally agrees that he and other team members of EOS are not necessarily after decentralization, rather their project is more of a centralized one.

The purpose of the video is said to have been aroused by the sad tale that has already gone viral on Reddit by now. A fictitious name on Reddit AUTI9003, posted a photograph which demonstrated arbitrators on the EOS network in action, reversing confirmed transactions. A dispute was said to have arose between two account holders, one claiming that he got his account hacked by an unknown individual via Phishing. According to the claimant, he reported the case to the project’s (EOS) management team afterwhich he was directed to Ben Gates to serve as an arbitrator to the case, under the supervisorship of another individual, Moti Tabulo.

Within the period of investigation (i.e 17th Oct- 8th Nov 2018), the claimant submitted the necessary evidence which proved that he is probably the rightful owner of the account. The arbitrator, after much deliberation on what step to take next decided to pronounce judgement on the EOS account involved:

Under the powers afforded to me as arbitrator under article 6 of the Rules of Dispute Resolution, I, Ben Gates, rules that the EOS account in dispute should be returned to the claimant with immediate effect and that the freeze over the assets within the said account be removed.

Considering the time taken (Almost a month) to arrive at a conclusion on this matter and other factors like, the arbitrator being able to pass judgement directly simply indicates that the project is undoubtedly a centralized one, a pseudonymous account on Reddit argues.

In affirmation to this, a blockchain testing firm, whiteblock, came out to testify that they have already conducted a research on the EOS blockchain network and discovered that it is more of a cloud computing service than a decentralized blockchain.

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