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Do You Know That You Can Still Buy Bitcoin Without Disclosin...
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Do You Know That You Can Still Buy Bitcoin Without Disclosing Your Identity?

One of the major characteristics that defines cryptocurrency is “Privacy Preservation”. “Crypto” itself, according to my English dictionary means “secret”. But today, it is not as it seems anymore because, lot of crypto projects now, indirectly ask for personal informations from users before allowing them to access certain functions via the KYC process.

This is the major problem many are facing in this industry as it does not tally with initial plan blockchain was meant for. Although the crypto industry still offers a higher degree of anonymity compared to traditional online payment methods such as credit card or Paypal, but there is still need to maintain the reason why this sector in the economy was called for.

Even though it is difficult to find a crypto project that does not request for KYC, a few still exist that can serve as a better bet for privacy connoisseurs. Today I will be talking on “how and where to buy bitcoin and alternative coins without disclosing your identity”.


A decentralized peer 2 peer network that uses Eth and BTC as its major trading currency. On this platform, one can also purchase many other cryptocurrencies without submitting any form of identification. This is how a cryptocurrency marketplace ought to be. “Bisq” is the true definition of a decentralized platform. To get access to it, one needs to download Bisq’s desktop software.

Hodl Hodl

Utilizes a P2P model, just like Bisq but different from it as funds are being retained in multi-sig until the seller has denoted payment received. Uses BTC and LTC as its major trading digital currency. Does not require KYC to operate.


LBC is the most popular and widely used P2P exchange. It has been tested and trusted by a large number of people all around the world thereby retaining a good number of people that patronize the site. Offers a platform that allows BTC to be bought and sold in a matter of minutes. The trading platform only updated its terms of service and conditions earlier this year, asking its clients to submit their identification form so as to keep confidentiality flowing to the right direction whenever and wherever the platform is being talked about. However, they did not make it compulsory for all to fulfill.


This one is like n online market place where goods of any kind can be bought. Digital currencies could also be purchased on this platform in respect to anonymity. All you need to do is to download the OB client and integrate it with your preferred currency wallet, be it BTC, ZEC or any other cryptocurrency wallet. When all that is done, you are good to go.

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