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Cryptocurrency Exchange, OKEx, Launches a Platform That Anal...
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Cryptocurrency Exchange, OKEx, Launches a Platform That Analyzes ICO Project Data

As part of the exchange’s target goal for the year, they have announced the launch of a platform (OKEx project info) that critically analyzes and carefully select the best ICO project in favour of their clients.

In the announcement made, the exchange revealed that the new platform is capable of bringing together the roadmaps, the development progress and third-party reviews of different ICO projects and then applying a strict measure while analyzing these info’s. Also, contained in this announcement lies the reason why the exchange embarked on such mission:

We created this platform with the mission of helping our customers to gain a better understanding of the projects before they make any trading decisions.

The Malta-Based cryptocurrency exchange also tried to let the team members of these ICO projects that they are required to update their project status on a monthly basis, if not done that way, an automatic removal from the Okex Project Info awaits them. One may begin to ask why the demand for project status. The exchange said:

We are doing so to promote transparency in the ecosystem, letting our users know what to expect in owning the tokens.

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