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Crypto Derivatives Market Continues To Show Strong Promise D...
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Crypto Derivatives Market Continues To Show Strong Promise Despite Current Slump

When you know that the crypto derivatives market has got your back and continues to show strong promise even during the many ups and downs and recent slump then the future still looks rosy. The crypto industry has showed tremendous growth in the last few years and has continued to develop and grow up until this present moment.

2019 has been a remarkable year in the sense that it saw more and more exchanges extending their embrace towards the crypto derivatives market. To hit the nail on the head, Crypto derivates market saw unprecedented growth in 2019.

It was observed that Seychelles based exchange BitMEX leveraged over $61 billion worth of trading volume from crypto derivatives in 2019 and surpassed that the following month, with $78.6 billion in volume. CME was not an exception as the exchange recorded a monthly volume of $6.6 billion within the same month. Incredible!

Exchanges offering digital asset futures contracts in the US have been sprouting up in impressive numbers. One of such is LedgerX, a crypto-exchange based in New York, obtained a derivative clearing organization license [DCO]. Another of such exchange is CoinFLEX, a Seychelles-based exchange also began operations in February.

Mark Lamb ( CEO & Co-founder of CoinFLEX) is impressed by the crypto derivatives market.

These serve as evidence that there exist strong interest in the derivatives market and it’s not a fad as some may seem to suggest. With it each passing day it continues to grow significantly. CEO and Co-founder of CoinFLEX, Mark Lamb recently indicated that Crypto stop trading of market was growing at an impressive rate, predicting a 20 times growth by the end of 2020. He said,

“The size of the crypto derivatives market will mushroom to 20 times the size of the underlying spot BTC market by the end of 2020, “I think crypto derivatives have been part of an evolution. This is where all the growth is.”

As it stands, the cryptocurrency market is always tied to extreme wild swings, the market is witnessing a correction after a significant bull rally. However, over the last few months, the cryptosphere has grown in terms of global acknowledgement and validation from major officials, with regulators starting to take keen notice.


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