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Ripple’s Cory Johnson Says Cz Is Seeking Bias By Not Giving ...

Ripple’s Cory Johnson Says Cz Is Seeking Bias By Not Giving Interviews To Non-Crypto Investors

During an interview with Techonomy, Cory Johnson, the Chief Market Strategist of the leading blockchain remittance firm Ripple and former journalist, discussed his views on the topic “Moving Money Across Borders with Cryptocurrency”. Here, he spoke about Facebook working on the blockchain technology and the mindset of members involved in the cryptocurrency space.

Regarding the mentality of individuals pertaining to blockchain technology, he stated that a few things happen when people get involved in blockchain and begin reading about it. He stated that there is a lot of unintentional bias created by people who have invested in this space. For instance, the Ripple strategist gave the example of Binance’s CEO, CZ.

He recalled CZ’s statement that conveyed that he will not give interviews to anyone who does not own some amount of money in cryptocurrency. Further, Johnson implied that the head of Binance might be seeking some sort of biased treatment through the approach.

Johnson then switched his focus to why there is much excitement in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. In his opinion, the interest in the space far exceeds the use of blockchain. In his words:

“When they invented bitcoin, they put a price on it. And it got a lot of attention and it got a lot of excitement into space. But I think the interest in it is way ahead of the deployment. And I think that’s why it gets so much attention right now.”

According to Johnson, either one gives up and walks away or digs up enough and reaches the rabbit hole. He added:

“Then two things happen down the rabbit hole. They start to imagine all sorts of use cases… Things that can be solved, you just start from your own personal experience. And then they buy something. And then if they believe that thing that they bought… In which they have investment creates a bias.”

He continued and cited:

“So a lot of journalists who write about blockchain full-time, own Bitcoin. Or they own Ether. Or they own XRP. And they see everything else that they are writing about as in someway a threat.”


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