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Czech Firm Pledges $100 Million To Start Blockchain Activiti...
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Czech Firm Pledges $100 Million To Start Blockchain Activities in Israel

It was announced today by a local Israeli news outlet that investment banking firm, Benson Oak of Czech republic seeks to support Israeli with $100 mln for start-ups with an emphasis on blockchain.

The Czech-based venture is specifically focused on the Israeli market as they totally believe in the potential of both Israel as a jurisdiction and local business projects.

Robert Cohen, the managing partner of Benson Oak ventures told the Jerusalem news outlet that he believed that great entrepreneur still exists in Israel. He concluded by saying
“I moved to Israel six years ago, and with a passion to build companies, I have established Benson Oak Ventures as a new platform to provide financial and operational capital to the best entrepreneurs in Israel and around the world.”

Already, the Czech-based firms has been able to raise and contribute $25 mln due to this effect and is still expected to raise an additional sum $75 million in order fulfill their promise.

While this is just the latest step in the firm’s Israeli activity, blockchain has already become sp popular in the country. Aound march this year, cointelegraph reported on the adoption of blockchain-based innovation in government services by the Israel’s government.

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