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$BCH Bitcoin Cash chain is officially dead
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$BCH Bitcoin Cash chain is officially dead

$BCHSV volume significantly higher on poloniex (1460 btc) volume

meanwhile $BCHABC behind with (992 btc)

at the time of writing this article. (18nov)

As seen below, services like bitpay (unavailable for “bch”)

Coinbase has halted $bch trading but not yet credited its holders with $BCHABC and $BCHSV (coinbase has been notoriously lagging when crediting forked coins) with ethereum classic it took months.

meanwhile other exchanges are able to credit and open markets for both new created chains/coins $BCHABC and $BCHSV

CEO of Numex Exchange “The breakup of bch in such a short time to bchabc and bchsv has a positive inpact longterm due to less confusion now, its clear there is only 1 bitcoin” 

question is how long will BCHABC and BCHSV last? bch only lasted barely a year.

Doesnt seem to be a viable longterm sound money solution, if anything it shows to be a costly and bad experiment.

oddly enough Kraken exchange seems to be compromised and has chosen a side

we believe bitpay will follow, both companies are heavily bias because bitmain/roger ver are big investors in both companies.

Whats your opinion on exchanges being neutral?

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