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Apple creates method for buying products with Havven coin
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Apple creates method for buying products with Havven coin

In our today’s world, buying a commodity with real cash is not that trending anymore as the new cashless methods has already taken over the market, in this course, purchasing with cash is considered an old tradition of shopping for items.

Alternative payment method(APM’s) are on the rise around the world. A PM doesn’t cover the traditional credit card schemes but include, E-wallets, bank transfers and mobile payment apps which are all growing in popularity and are set to take over credit card payment globally sometime, next year.

Most people think of cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment but from the look of things, many are still busy building up their portfolio with different coins while others are busy HODLing their stashes. Only little amount of the population(about 8% only) in the United States is actively invested in cryptocurrency.

Since Bitcoin, the mother of all coins is no longer considered to be efficient because of its unstable price system, it has also affected the fate of other coins being accepted as a method of payment. For now, cryptocurrencies aren’t taking on any of the major credit cards unless the coins become stable in not-so-distant future.

The only coin that has the most stable price analysis, Havven Coin, has already made it possible to purchase apple products with their coin. They recently made this partnership deal with Apple company using the HavvenCoin via the Havven restore platform on their website. The services however is only limited to the US citizens for the time being. It was due to the stable nature of the Havven Coin that made Apple to accept this deal. Another good thing about this new development is that, the products purchased via the Havven eStore platform comes with one-year warranty.

The HavvenCoin operates using 2 different tokens, the HavvenCoin and the ‘nomins’, this makes the coin to be stable in price. While Havven provides the collateral for the platform, the nomins are issued against the value of the collateral token. This is a dual token approach that incentives users to hold Havven tokens, as all transaction fees are paid to Havven holders. The Havven coin is therefore a stable decentralised coin, just like Bitcoin, it is secure and resistant to censorship. The HavvenCoin uses a decentralised asset to protect against price volatility thereby, making it more stabilized than the mother of all coins and that is the main reason why Apple accepted the deal.

In conclusion, anyone interested in paying for items using crypto should consider using the HavvenCoin as it is an accepted method of payment now.


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