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ActivEightCoin: Partnering for Success
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ActivEightCoin: Partnering for Success

ActivEightCoin (ACTIV) a Tron-based token which will be one of the launch currencies on Numex has developed rapidly over the last couple of months, partnering up with several other promising projects on the Tron Blockchain.

The first of these partnerships will see ActivEightCoin become an in-game currency for the CryptoCannabis Game, ACTIV will be used to mine an exclusive TRC20 crypto-cannabis strain called MellowEight as well as having other uses.  Participation in this project will see both ACTIV and MellowEight sold in the game and should consequently bring important TRX revenue for ActivEightCoin which will be shared with all holders.  For this – and every future revenue bearing project participation – 50% of profits will be shared and ActivEightCoin holders will receive quarterly dividends.

ActivEightCoin, is earned by members posting the results of their workouts or daily steps and users will now benefit from bonus tokens as a result of two further partnerships.  A strategic partnership with Seeder Network, who are building a revolutionary, token-based decentralised social media platform aimed at empowering users and content creators will see ActivEightCoin added to the Network as a Partner Redemption Token. As part of the agreement, ActivEightCoin community members will benefit from the partnership and will be rewarded with SEEDR tokens, initially these will be as a bonus for workout activities.

The most recently announced partnership is with Bee Coin, which is to be the utility token for a suite of upcoming games where players will be able to win prizes of various Tron tokens. 

The terms of the partnership agreement with Bee will see ACTIV become an in-game prize token and in return members will benefit from a supply of Bee Coin.  ActivEight members will initially receive Bee as a bonus to their usual workout or steps rewards, however there will be other opportunities to earn Bee which will be revealed in the near future.

ActivEightCoin has plans for further partnerships in the future as it continues striving to become one of the leading tokens of the Tron Network.


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