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EOS: Exchanges Allegedly Planning To Vote With User Funds
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EOS: Exchanges Allegedly Planning To Vote With User Funds

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Exchanges are planning to stake user funds in the on going EOS BPS voting. All the excitement that came with EOS prior to main net launch has now turned to confusion on how exactly is the project expected to function as the lastest with Dan Latimer’s brainchild isn’t exactly going as planned.

Twitter user @nic_carter took to twitter to summarize the latest development with EOS, he tweeted:

EOS supporters are wary of the calibre of candidates who are in contention for the position of BP. One person commented on EOS subreddit saying:

“Websites are testament to your skills and communication yet several BP’s websites are horrible.”

Another concern was the centralization of BPS within all within Northern Europe, Northern Asia and Northern America.


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