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$12mil Attempted Hack Sabotaged By EOS BPs
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$12mil Attempted Hack Sabotaged By EOS BPs

In a recent newsletter, the EOS team discussed the details of how Block Producers (BPs) recently acted quickly to thwart an attempted hack of 2 million EOS (about $12 million USD). By swiftly blacklisting the accounts involved, they were able to stop the transactions in time to secure the funds.

It began when a group of BPs were at a dinner in London and suddenly noticed they had lost 2 million votes on the network. This prompted further investigation. The activity was linked to account gm3dcnqgenes, which had just recently changed its keys and unstaked 2 million worth of EOS.

The hacker then tried to cover their tracks by sending EOS to a variety of other accounts, which were tracked by the BPs. Before long, the originating account as well as the others were all blacklisted, which effectively stops all the transactions from occuring, thus securing the 2 million EOS.

While EOS has had a variety of issues lately, this certainly seems like a win for the team and ecosystem. Hopefully in time the constant stream of scams and hacks will become a thing of the past.


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