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Tezos vs Ethereum – Is XTZ The Next ETH? But better?
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Tezos vs Ethereum – Is XTZ The Next ETH? But better?

In the Tezos vs Ethereum battle, XTZ seems to have everything ETH wants to be but isn’t. One example is PoS ‘Proof of stake’ which ETH has been delaying for years.

Tezos is building up to be the next big thing, with a well funded foundation for development and marketing ($2billion+ usd funding).

Coinbase (biggest exchange of the US) has integrated the coin for trading + staking coins. Staking is equivalent of mining coins.

Coinbase offer XTZ staking via their Coinbase Custody option. This was a big boost for the Tezos project which extended to the price as well, propelling the coin to the top 15 coins on the market.

Kraken exchange, Binance exchange, Bitmex exchange all the biggest exchanges in the world have listed tezos and are enabling staking features.

Tezos project.

Proof of stake, you “mine” or in Tezo’s case “bake” coins to get more coins.

PoS does not rely on miners, it relies on its coin holders to stake coins.

Coin holders who stake coins get rewarded the block rewards (tezos coins).

Ethereum has been trying to do this for years, but is technically unable to do it.

Tezos is 300x better priced (entry) then ethereum, and 50x more capable and further in development then ethereum. Compare the price; 1 ether is $250 vs 1 XTZ is $1,65 the risk reward ratio for tezos is 250x better. Seeing when ethereum started it was also $1, and XTZ just launched last year. The prices has not gone to the moon yet, but that is the same as ethereum which took nearly 2 years before the altcoin had its first bullrun. Many industry experts are predicting coin prices at $25 to $50 per tezos (xtz) in the near future.

Will XTC win the Tezos vs Ethereum battle?

Tezos project 01.

Many investors are getting more exposure by accumulating Tezos and staking the coins and selling their ether (Ethereum coins)

Ethereum seems to be losing the development battle against the well funded and already PoS Tezos (XTZ)

Development updates in the Tezos vs Ethereum war

An overview of Athens, the first Tezos on-chain upgrade proposals

This post summarizes today’s announcement from Nomadic Labs regarding Athens, the first on-chain Tezos upgrade proposals for XTZ arriving later this week. For a more technical explanation and changelog, please read Nomadic’s post directly.

And of course, for a full overview of the Tezos governance mechanism, please check out “Amending Tezos”and the visualization below:

What’s in the Athens proposals?

The proposed changes in the two Athens proposals are incremental:

Athens Proposal 1: increase the gas limit

  • The gas limit was set conservatively at launch to protect the chain, with the idea that it could be increased via the amendment process
  • This proposal would increase the gas limit by allowing double the computation steps in each block while keeping the number of IOs performed in each block unchanged
  • This will make it incrementally easier to deploy smart contracts on Tezos, but maintains the gas limit at a conservative level as Nomadic Labs awaits more detailed benchmarking results
  • Nomadic Labs aims to propose further gas limit increases and a re-weighting based on ongoing benchmarking efforts

Athens Proposal 2: increase the gas limit (see Proposal 1) AND reduce the roll size to 8,000 XTZ for Tezos Proof-of-Stake

  • In the current Tezos consensus, a baker must have 10,000 XTZ to be randomly selected to propose or endorse a block
  • In addition to increasing the gas limit, this amendment would reduce that threshold to 8,000 XTZ, incrementally lowering the barrier to entry to baking

Let us know what you think about the Tezos vs Ethereum battle? Tezos the next Ethereum killer and coin to do 100x due to massive funding of foundation and the early stage it is?



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