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Bitcoin Core is born ($BTCC)

Bitcoin Core is born ($BTCC)

Today marks the official birth of Bitcoin Core. Bitcoin Core is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain with a strong grassroot community support. The team behind the project says they had been working behind the scenes for a while and decided to go public about the project today. About Bitcoin Core project the team wrote on the official website:

“Bitcoin Core (BTCC) is an open source, peer-to-peer electronic cash. Bitcoin Core is a fork from Bitcoin $BTC, Bitcoin Core $BTCC was nourished through a labor of love, in preparation for this mission. Bitcoin Core ($BTCC) is an upgrade of Bitcoin Clashic. The true vision of Bitcoin Core is to compliment Bitcoin, and run along side it, by acting as an express lane for core values, speed and privacy.”

The team further elaborated that Bitcoin Core could does not seek to rival Bitcoin but compliment it by serving as a form of testnet for Bitcoin. Bitcoin core also promises to deliver on instant and almost free transactions.

The team joked that they’ve had to do little in terms of publicity thanks to CEO of  Roger Ver’s constant referencing to Bitcoin Core.The bitcoin Core team thanked Roger Ver and the crew of CNBC fast money for the free publicity in a tweet:

Bitcoin Core is already being traded on Cryptobridge  exchange under the ticker “BTCC”.


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