If there was ever a yearly or monthly award given to the different blockchain networks in the crypto world today, ripple would have won the most the most rejected blockchain startups in the market.

That name, ripple is on the lips of every investor and most of them could be found criticizing the project as a failure but the team behind this project seems to be too focused on their proposed goal fpr the coming year, giving deaf ears to all the FUD spreading across the lips of investors. Nobody even knows whether to classify XRP as a security or not.

Recently, the company announced its partnership with the 2nd largest private banks in India which has already begun using Xcurrent for remittances. Due to the fact that this company wants to deliver fast and efficiently to its community on issues relating to its latest technological developments, the company has developed and launched a web series captioned “The RIPPLE DROP”. With this new collaboration between ripple and Kotak Mahindra bank, connecting to different destinations world-wide and offering fast and frictionless payments to its won’t be a problem again to the ripple company.

They also launched an initiative in June with the aim of supporting the research and development of Blockchain technology of which $50 million was committed into. However, one among the many investors ripple has, has filed a class action lawsuit accusing the company of selling unregistered securities. The whole matter at hand still revolves around the fact that no one knows of ripple is a security or not