So many interesting use cases now exist on the blockchain technology. Games, seems to be one of the concept actively being explored right now. Bitcoin developers now uses its lightning network in collaboration with Pokemon’s video game company to give it’s users an experience they have never felt before.

Pokemon is one among the top rated video game companies in the market today whose services have been tasted by its numerous fans on a wide variety of machines, ranging from older physical consoles to software’s or hardware that simulates another system and even their mobile devices in the case of Pokemon Go.

PokeToshi, is a version of Pokemon which runs on top of Bitcoins lightning network. This collaboration is certainly going to be an interesting use case for both companies as it will help promote the two companies in a way they won’t expect. The collaboration is capable of merging the numerous users from both sides together and it will also bring more users to the blockchain industry.

The game itself is hosted on Twitch, so that viewers will be able to check in on the live progress of the game. Commands can be entered in the chat room and before these commands can be entered, a lightning-enabled virtual controller is needed. Before any command is being executed by the program, a small fee is being paid by the commander/user and it can be done using Bitcoin.

OpenNode is being used as the processor for all transactions. This collaboration will bring in more positive attention to Bitcoin or the lightning network remains to be determined.