China’s local blockchain and crypto information platform, Golden Finance, on the 30th day of June, reported the disastrous incident that occurred in the Sichuan province of China.

It all happened on the 27th and 28th day of June, the Sichuan province in China experienced a heavy rain which resulted to flood, leading to the destruction of a major cryptocurrency mining operation in Sichuan. “Tens Of Thousands” of mining devices was reported DAMAGED due to this incident. According to the site where we got this info from, the machines were damaged beyond repair.

Although the name of the cryptocurrency that were being mined and the amount that was lost in the flood continues to be a mystery as at the time of filling this report. The province of Sichuan is popularly known as “Bitcoin Mining Headquarters” due to the high concentration of mining operations in it, but this incident raised a cause for alarm for the numerous miners in that area.

Golden Finance news outlet in its report said that the drop in bitcoin network’s hashrate may be as a result of the flood in Sichuan.