Decentralization, is of no doubt replacing every sector in the economy, the online video platforms is not an exception. YouTube, the largest online video platform is centralized for now and I see other decentralised online video platforms taking over from this Giant. It would not be an easy task though , but it appears BitTube has begun making some big inroads in this regard.

The platform recently launched its first official LICENSED TV channel. BitTube is designed to work exactly the same way YouTube works, its only difference is that, it aims to be decentralised while YouTube is not. BitTube aims to eliminate completely all forms of ad’s, considering the fact that ad’s are ruining the traditional online video watching experience these days. The decentralised platform also believes that viewers and content creators will be rewarded accordingly for their contributions towards the BitTube community.

Although, YouTube is still at the top because of its simple user-interface, I still see BitTube taking over in subsequent years to come. YouTube’s gradually cracking down on content creators.

BitTube’s newly-added LICENSED TV channel that was made official recently has automatically paved the way for other TV channels to be added overtime. It has already been announced that 8 more channels will follow in the coming weeks. It is however worthy for us to know the TV channel that was added recently. It’s no other channel than GALA TV, a TV channel owned by PIXER. It’s broadband occupies the whole of Europe continent and extends to the middle east. This move alone, shows how genuine is the interest of BitTube to offer a decentralized video streaming and content delivery.