In an interview with a representative of the famous giant (apple), it has come to our notice that the company has banned all crypto-mining apps from their app store. The representative also claimed that the mining activities is not a profitable business and the worst of them all is that, it may lead to the destruction of one’s hardware.

With so much evidences around the scene, it has been discovered that many prefer getting free coins from mining or via airdrops. Those that prefer the airdrop system do not even care if the sites are malicious sites or phishing sites, while those that prefer mining with their device do not even care to know if the hardware at their disposal is infected or not.

Normal computers can barely perform the mining process these days, not to talk of using a mobile device.

I know that many, especially those who wish to mine electroneum with their apple phones will be very angry with this decision taken by the apple company, but it has already been agreed upon by the team member of the company.

Just yesterday, we talked about the Russian government’s website being attacked by a malicious mining script. This and many other related issues has led to the abrupt decision taken by this giant company. The giant officially declared on the 13day of June 2018 that the mining operations is no longer supported on the app store and any damage caused by this situation will not be covered by the devices warranty.

However, it was due to the ever-growing number of mining apps on the app store that made them to ban.