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Zap Lightning Network PoS Application Live Test In Chicago January 19

Jack Mallers announced on twitter that he has been building a Zap PoS (point of sale) application and some hardware that takes an everyday merchant and turns them into a Bitcoin (and Lightning) merchant. He will be demoing everything at a bar in Chicago on January 19th.

Each bartender will be walking around with Zap PoS. The bar has uploaded their menu onto the app. All the bartenders have to do is simply tap the items ordered, ask the customer to add a tip, and present the QR code.

The PoS applications are powered by a hardware device Jack Mallers built for the bar that’s running @bitcoincoreorg, @lightning and @BtcpayServer. This allows the bar to be in full control of their keys, with no trusted 3rd party or custodian.

Thanks to @lightning’s macaroons, the bar owner/management can give selective permissions to the bartenders PoS application. Such as invoice only permissions, not allowing the app to send any money and not having customers and employees walking around with private keys.

To demo this, we will be hosting this event at one of the most popular cocktail lounges in Chicago. Taking them from a popular fiat only business, to a full stacked Bitcoin merchant with no 3rd party reliance, by simply plugging in a box and downloading software.

Jack closed his tweet storm by saying:

“We’ve watched an ambitious whitepaper become a network that can support everyday commerce thanks to all the talented folks in this space and the support of this community. So join me in celebrating how far LN development has come, and buy some drinks over Lightning!”

Zap is a desktop and mobile client for Bitcoins Lightin Network built by Jack Mallers, you can visit the website here.


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