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Zap Beta Lightning Network Wallet is Here
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Zap Beta Lightning Network Wallet is Here

Jack Mallers announced the release of the cross-platform Zap Beta on Medium. This latest release promises to make using the Lightning Network easier, even if it is not yet easy.

Jack writes on Medium:

“Zap was created to bridge the gap between the technical Lightning Network protocol and the billions of potential users, but we’re not quite there yet. We try and make things as simple as we can, but it’s an ongoing process. Some things might break, some things might be confusing, some things may be misleading, and that’s ok.”

This is a Beta version so quite buggy and Jack updated http://zap.jackmallers.comwith links to Zap’s Slack, Github, and FAQ.

Zap is a bitcoin wallet that helps you send and receive cheap and instant payments over the Lighting Network. This release is built for Bitcoin’s testnet. If you do some self-configuration, you can use Zap on mainnet, but Zap will not publish mainnet releases until the developers and greater Lightning Network community are ready.

Care must be taken when using this product and the Lightning Network in general as both are very much works in progress, but the future they give a glimpse of feels a little bit like the first time you came across and fully understood Bitcoin.

This is very much a beta test, with everyone who downloads the software being invited to give some feedback:

“Understanding colors and font sizes doesn’t make a great product; understanding you, your experience, your struggles, and your successes with the product does. We would love to talk to each and every one of you about Zap and/or your experience with the Lightning Network.”

You can tweet @JackMallers or @ln_zap if you’re feeling lazy, but if you really want to be heard and be helpful, you should join the slack channel or submit issues on Github 🙂


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