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With Less Than 24Hours To End Of Public Seed Round, Numex An...

With Less Than 24Hours To End Of Public Seed Round, Numex Announces Public Beta Launch Scheduled For December

With barely 24hours until end of public seed round, Numex have announced that the public beta launch of the Exchange will be in December. Recall that Numex lead developer Alexis was quoted saying that the team were ahead of schedule in terms of project development.

Numex will support a wide variety of coins from several Blockchains.  Trading, account registration and management will be seamless in terms of ease of usage.

Numex is being positioned to stand shoulder to shoulder against the very best exchanges in the industry in all areas and surpass. Numex CEO Khalifa Saber Stated:

“The goal is to achieve elite status within 6-8months of operation after launch. We are working very hard to achieve that”

There is less than 24 hours until the end of Numex Public Seed round. The funding is set to end on the 15th of November, 2018. For those who wish to invest, have barely 24 hours until the event closes. Hurry up!


  • Token holders get to partake in 75% share of all trading fees. Token holders earn bitcoin every three months with no hidden fees.


  • Token holders who hold a minimum of 15,000 NMX tokens qualify for the Market Maker Seat Program (MMSP)

Invest in Numex for the opportunity to co-own an exchange.


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