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Venezuela’s Supreme Court Demands Compensation Payment...
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Venezuela’s Supreme Court Demands Compensation Payment Be Paid In Petro, In The Process, Promotes Its Use Within The Country

According to a Decree passed recently in the nation country (Venezuela), the Government “shall promote and guarantee the use of Petro cryptocurrency as a means of payment”. It seems the promotion of its use has indeed begun in the country as news reaching us recently states that the supreme court of Venezuela has demanded for some amount of Petro token to be used as compensation payment in a workplace injury case.

The case reveals that one Mrs. Maria Elena Matos was confirmed to be disabled after engaging in a change of words battle with the opponent. After looking into the case critically, the judge incharge of the case condemned the offender and ordered him to give the victim, 266 Petro Cryptocurrency as compensation for wrong deeds.

It was barely a month ago, the Venezuelan govt approved the use of Petro token to power up its already weak economy. The determination portrayed by the existing government shows how serious this nation is, in becoming the first Latin American crypto nation.

As soon as the Petro was announced, the U.S. government began a vigorous campaign against it due to the possibility of bypassing the sanctions unilaterally imposed by this government against the Venezuelan people. After all said and done, the Venezuelan govt launched the token on the 1st day October and now they are leading by an example just to convince it’s citizens to utilize their native token.

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