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Tron(TRX) Surpasses Ethereum In Transaction Volume
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Tron(TRX) Surpasses Ethereum In Transaction Volume

The TRON network, which relies on DPoS, has marked days of increased transactions while Ethereum lags.

TRON (TRX) has notched up another success in its quest to displace Ethereum (ETH), this time by surpassing it in daily transactions. TRON’s network, which relies on 26 Super Delegates, clocked 517,706 transactions in the past 24 hours, but over the weekend, it beat Ethereum, whose numbers also hover in the 500,000-600,000 range.

The reason for the rise in TRON transactions is the launch of the first large-scale distributed app (dApp) on the network. Much like with other networks, the TRONBet dApp is for gaming.

Betting and gambling apps also carry the bulk of volume and transactions for Ethereum and EOS as making bets requires the sending of tokens.

This is the next big milestone for the TRON network after it overtook EOS by number of accounts. The high level of transactions continued over the past days, with a peak on October 19 at 630,018 transactions in 24 hours. Over the same period, the Ethereum network carried an average of 547,543 transactions a day, as per Blocktivity data.

The TRON network now has 516,300 accounts, according to Tronscan. It has been complete for months, with all exchanges on board with the new wallet. TRON will now have to grow its ecosystem of dApps and services to make use of the coins.

The network is gearing for more dApps to arrive in the coming days, with specialized tools to integrate it into modern web technologies, build smart contracts, and deploy dApps.

Despite these achievements, the TRX price remains subdued amid waning enthusiasm for crypto assets. TRON seems to have abandoned hopes for a year-end rally, its value still failing to rise above the $0.03 level.



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