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Travis Kling, Founder Of A New Crypto Hedge Fund Firm Predic...
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Travis Kling, Founder Of A New Crypto Hedge Fund Firm Predicts That The Crypto Market Will Become A Multi-Trillion-Dollar Asset Class

Travis Kling is the founder of a crypto Hedgefund firm that’s about to be launched on the 1st of October, this year. He seems to be bullish on anything related to cryptocurrencies.

Recently, he was spotted on an interview with Bloomberg where he told them that crypto will soon be part of our every day life. It is still very early, but the development and growth of this technology will be exponential.

The total market cap value is still at $ US 223 billion, so there is still a possibility that Travis may be right in his prediction. Although, he was not specific on the time duration when this will all happen.

Kling has already worked as a manager who manages commodity stocks worth about USD 200 million. Point72 is a US-based hedge fund founded by fellow crypto investor and billionaire Steven Cohen, Kling decided to leave his former employer to create his own Hedgefund firm which he captioned Ikigai. The young entrepreneur and investor remains confident about his project despite the huge sell-off in the crypto market this year.

Travis Kling also plans to launch a blockchain-focused venture capital fund that he expects will be worth USD 33 million, some months after the launch of his Hedgefund firm in October. So let’s watch out for him to see what actually he had in store for us, in the crypto space.

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