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The Chinese Government To Adopt Blockchain Technology In Ord...
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The Chinese Government To Adopt Blockchain Technology In Order To Encourage Charity Work In The Country

The social services sector and charity groups operating within China districts is planning to use blockchain technology to improve on its current charity tracking system, a move believed to bring a fair, conducive and reliable atmosphere for public donations.

Just yesterday, the country’s Ministry of Civil Affairs released a to-do list for the years of 2018-2022 outlining the numerous ways the country intends to use to improve on its social service activities via the internet.

Part of the arrangement on the to-do list demonstrates that the ministry will come together to finalize on which solution will be utilized for the upgrade of the current charity tracking system by the end of this year, with the hope to complete the project by 2020.

Currently, China’s Charity tracking system is believed to have been overshadowed by injustice and all forms of partiality that have have led to public distrust of the system, so this move aims towards rehabilitating the Charity sector.

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