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Numex Experiences Overwhelming Traffic, Undergoes Upgrade.
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Numex Experiences Overwhelming Traffic, Undergoes Upgrade.

It is often said that fame comes with a burden. Such is the case for Numex exchange as website had to go offline for upgrade due to overwhelming traffic, majority of which comes from teeming mass of Crypto enthusiast trying to vote their favorite project in the ongoing voting contest that would see the top 25 get listed for free upon exchange launch.


There is an enormous demand for different projects trying to get listed on Numex with over 160 projects added on the voting category at request of their communities, the race for be among the top 25 intensifies. At time of publishing, servers were optimised, restored and site back to normal.

In line with the Numex’s vision to create a wholesome exchange experience for all users, Numex has announced their “Market Maker Seat Program” (MMSP) for 0% trading fees. To qualify for this program all one needs to do is purchase 15,000 NMX tokens in the on going ICO to reserve a Market Maker seat. According to Numex CEO Mr. Khalifer Saber who is currently in London ahead of the Blockstack event said “These seats add value because they can be sold or leased out”.


Numex is currently still in pre-sale stage of their Seed round for bitcoin dividend payouts at 50% discount.


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