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Numex Announces Official Coin Listings As Public Seed Round ...

Numex Announces Official Coin Listings As Public Seed Round Draws To A Close

After the end of a very successful voting contest, Numex has officially announced projects that have their listing secured ahead of Numex Exchange Launch. A total of 38 projects were announced. The 38 projects were the sum of hand picked projects like BTC, ETH, LTC e.t.c and projects that made the final 26 cut at the end of the voting contest.


Project development is picking up pace as exchange is now expected to launch ahead of schedule. Numex Exchange lead developer Alexis had this to say when asked about project’s development “Work has been moving swiftly, we made little changes in our operations and that has led to work picking up pace recently. We have covered lots of ground and made significant breakthroughs at technical level”

About exchange Launch date he said “I can’t say right now when exactly we are going to launch but, what I can say is we are definitely ahead of schedule”

With less than 2 weeks left to end of public seed round, there is still a sizeable amount of tokens up for grabs. Some investors having expressed fears that conditions of 75% revenue payout may be changed if 100% hardcap is not achieved. Numex CEO had this to say “I assure you that the payout structure for token holders remains unaffected even in a situation where unsold tokens are burned”


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