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Nasdaq’s Bitcoin Futures To Be Launched Within The Q1 ...
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Nasdaq’s Bitcoin Futures To Be Launched Within The Q1 Of 2019

A local newspaper, Daily Express, published the interview they had with Nasdaq’s media team vice president, Joseph Christinat . In the article, Christinat revealed that Nasdaq would definitely launch on its platform, Bitcoin futures in the 1st quarter of next year.

While making the announcement, Christinat also said that the Nasdaq team has been waiting for the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to give them a Go-ahead order. His words;

Bitcoin Futures will be listed and it should launch in the first half of next year, Nasdaq is currently waiting for the “go-ahead” from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). There’s been enough work put into this to make that academic. We’ve seen plenty of speculation and rumors about what we might be doing … so, here you go — we’re doing this, and it’s happening.

In conclusion, Christinat said Nasdaq that they are not discouraged by the current look on the cryptocurrency industry today, emphasizing that now is even the best time for them to step into the space cuz they ‘ve planned to be around the industry for the long term.

We got into the blockchain game five years ago. When the technology first popped up we just leant out of the window and shouted ‘hey come over here’ right at it. We’ve put a hell of a lot of money and energy into delivering the ability to do this and we’ve been all over it for a long time — way before the market went into turmoil, and that will not affect the timing of this in any way. No. Period. We’re doing this no matter what.

Do you think that Nasdaq will keep to their words this time around? Drop your view in the comment box below.

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