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Malaysia’s Ministry of Education Begins Fight Against ...
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Malaysia’s Ministry of Education Begins Fight Against Degree Fraud

In order to curb the ever increase rate of fraud degrees in Malaysia, the country’s ministry of education is looking up to blockchain technology as the solution to maintain its integrity and reputation in the educational sector.

The ministry has reportedly partnered with the NEM blockchain which resulted in the launch of an issuance and verification system for university degrees, captioned the “e Scroll system”.

Most people in this modern day don’t know the danger attached to faking university degrees, they may think it’s the best way to act smart not knowing the aftermath can be very disastrous. Imagine the healthcare sector being dominated by people with questionable expertise, this is exactly what the ministry of education in Malaysia is trying to prevent.

Malaysia ministry of education in a tweet said:

Realizing the need to safeguard the reputation and integrity of Malaysian universities, the Ministry of Education has taken a decisive action to prevent such degree fraud which also cheats and unfairly disadvantages genuine students.

With the e-Scroll system built on the NEM blockchain, the inefficiency realised from the verification of educational certificates will be brought to a minimal level. This is just one of the numerous advantages of blockchain technology, yesterday, we read about Thailand adopting the new technology in conducting primary election. More and more use cases of this new technology will be unveiled in the future.

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