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Litecoin Up 9% On Korbit Listing News
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Litecoin Up 9% On Korbit Listing News

Litecoin was up almost 9%, boosted by reports that it will be listed on Korbit, one of the oldest Korean crypto exchanges.

Here’s Litecoin CEO Charlie Lee announcing the news:

Korbit is the world’s first Bitcoin-Korean won exchange, according to its website. It also has big-name investors behind it, including SoftBank Ventures Korea and Pantera Capital.

In March, Litecoin was shaken by the fallout with LitePay which did not deliver the required results after the start-up was sold by its founder, Kenneth Asare. As a result, the price of LTC saw a withdrawal to $110 USD levels.

In the last couple of weeks, LTC has preserved its positions in terms of Bitcoin prices, entering another stage of stability without major spikes or lows mainly due to its functioning Lightning Network providing it with relatively cheap on-chain settlement.

In addition, this recent listing, combined with previously reported news that trading application Abra will be adding Litecoin as a funding option, will certainly help the cryptocurrency regain some of its popularity among traders and crypto investors.


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