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Litecoin Has Ambitious Roadmap For 2017
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Litecoin Has Ambitious Roadmap For 2017

Litecoin has released its 2017 roadmap as investors delight in sustained price growth and low volatility.

Published on Litecoin Core, plans from various developers behind the altcoin range from major releases such as Litecoin 0.13.3 to user-focused improvements such as the relaunch of its Android app.

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee announced the roadmap Wednesday, prior to Litecoin being buoyed by a series of encouraging announcements from the community.

The asset’s earlier implementation of SegWit, as well as preparation of Lightning Network and other so-called Layer 2 technology, is already paying dividends.

“Better than Bitcoin”

Bitcoin core developer Eric Lombrozo repeated excitement surrounding the activation after the roadmap unveiling, noting “next generation tech” can already see the light of day on Litecoin.

Meanwhile, content management platform Yours confirmed Thursday that it would launch on Litecoin and not Bitcoin the project’s CEO Ryan X. Charles explained in a blog post:

“Litecoin is one hundred times better for our application today than Bitcoin,”

Taking Litecoin forward meanwhile are developers Shaolinfry and thrasher, the first having become a household name in cryptocurrency circles from their work on user-activated soft fork (UASF) scaling solutions.

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