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Iranian Trader’s Funds Still Frozen By Bittrex
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Iranian Trader’s Funds Still Frozen By Bittrex

There were reports back in 2017 that Bittrex had started closing Iranian accounts without prior notification. Yasser Ahmadi of complained thereafter, as reported by, that the exchange’s technical service had failed to address the issue and Iranians were thus refused the opportunity of repatriating the funds from their accounts.

The newly announced list of restrictions is viewed upon in Iran as last year’s crackdown being eventually formalized and put on paper.

Ahmadi linked the problem to a reported rise of US imperial ambitions, oriented, as he put it, at a more profound monitoring of the cryptocurrency industry in pursuit of the US’ own political interests.

It seems the ugly problem is still pestering despite public outcry all this time with Iranian account still unable to access their funds. Some have even claimed that Bittrrex went as far as not answering tickets and blocking IPs. One of them tweet:




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