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Huobi China Enters Strategic Partnership With JD Cloud

Huobi China Enters Strategic Partnership With JD Cloud

 Huobi China has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with JD Cloud. This cooperation marks the world’s leading digital assets provider begins to provide the technical support to industrial companies.

According to the agreement, Huobi China and JD Cloud has targeted 3 key fields to start their strategic cooperation: First of all, the two parties is about to jointly explore and develop the underlying technology of blockchain, including the zero-knowledge proof, ring signature, homomorphic encryption, PoS, DPoS, DAG, Hashgraph.

Secondly, the two parties will jointly explore the blockchain application modes in the fields of finance, internet of things (IoT), games, and logistics. The innovative financial services technology model related to the industrial chain application are also included in the cooperation plans.

Thirdly, the two sides will jointly explore and analyze of the open data of existing public chain projects and the consortium chain projects, conduct in-depth data mining of open data to form industrial analysis reports.

In order to provide more blockchain technicial supports to industrial companies, Huobi is about to make two remarkable initiative this year. Firstly, Huobi plans to build a 40,000-square-meter blockchain incubator and partner with top blochain startups to build 10 Global Blockchain+ Labs along with launching a one billion-dollar blockchain fund in Hainan province.

The firm also plans to invest 30 million of its Huobi Tokens (HT), currently worth around $166 million USD, to build a public blockchain. With the initiative, the company is aiming to establish a decentralized autonomous organization(DAO) that would provide a trustworthy and autonomous platform for value exchange, fund-raising, securitization, and more.

As a tech giant, JD Cloud is also eyeing blockchain technology. The firm has launched their blockchain application exploration in various business scenarios of It has implemented a lot of blockchain applications in the fields of supply chain, finance, insurance fraud prevention, big data security, government affairs, and public service.

He Gang, vice president of, stated that JD and Huobi would reinforce complementary advantages in cloud computing and blockchain to provide more industrial technical solutions.


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