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G20 Puts Crypto Regulation on Hold – Crypto Prices Sur...
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G20 Puts Crypto Regulation on Hold – Crypto Prices Surge

According to Rueters the global watchdog that drove through a welter of banking and market reforms after the financial crisis said it will pivot more toward reviewing existing rules and away from designing new ones.

The Financial Stability Board (FSB), which coordinates financial regulation for the Group of 20 Economies, also resisted calls from some G20 members to regulate cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Interest in cryptocurrencies surged last year as prices rocketed only to tumble in recent months, triggering warnings from regulators.

But in a sign of too little consensus for radical action, the FSB said more international coordination was needed to plug data gaps in monitoring the rapidly evolving but still tiny sector worth less than 1 percent of global GDP at its peak.

In a letter to G20 central bankers and finance ministers who will meet in Buenos Aires on Monday and Tuesday, FSB Chair Mark Carney said:

“The FSB’s initial assessment is that crypto-assets do not pose risks to global financial stability at this time,”

Carneys term as governor of the Bank of England and FSB chair ends next year. In a surprise turnaround from scathing remarks towards cryptocurrencies earlier this month, indicated that whoever succeeds him would be overseeing a more open FSB, focused on reviewing exiting rules instead of pushing through new ones.

Carney said:

“As its work to fix the fault lines that caused the financial crisis draws to a close, the FSB is increasingly pivoting away from design of new policy initiatives towards dynamic implementation and rigorous evaluation of the effects of the agreed G20 reforms,”

Bitcoin has reacted positively to the news Sunday night through Monday morning. The cryptocurrency recovered from weekend lows of $7,360 to trade above $8,400.


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