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First-Ever Mining Television To Be Launched By Canaan Creati...

First-Ever Mining Television To Be Launched By Canaan Creative

If someone had told me earlier before now that a television set would be used to mine “real Bitcoin” just like the famous Bitcoin Mining Rig, I would be tempted to call such a person “a Psychopath”. However, seems like the world’s second largest manufacturer of Bitcoin Mining hardware, Canaan Creative, would soon release the first version of Bitcoin Mining Tv set.

The New Bitcoin Mining device, dubbed the “Avalonminer Inside” is a 43″ television set, designed to double just the same way a bitcoin mining rig does. The machine is capable of processing at a power of 2.8 terahashes per second, built with an A 321016nm ASIC chips in it. Canaan revealed to us that this device is powered by an AI technology which can be controlled using the voice.

Canaan’s burning desire to expand its product line could be seen when it clearly stated that the company will continue to suffer if they cannot maintain the scale and profitability of their single line of system products and at the same time, produce new products.

Xiao Lei, an analyst based in Beijing, however described the project as “mere hype”. He concluded by saying

It will be more meaningful if these companies are able to embed the mining function into existing major TV brands.

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